Petroleum Marketers Equipment Company construction department is capable of handling any project that you might need assistance with. PMEC is staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel. Our licensed installers strictly adhere to OCC rules as well as industry standards and manufactures instructions. Each of our installers is licensed by the OCC and are also certified by the tank and piping manufacturers. The key to successful installation is working with individuals that are knowledgeable in fueling installation and the understanding of the regulatory requirements.


Design services 

Notifications filed with OCC 

Installations of tanks, product piping, canopy’s and electrical 

Design and installation of tank anchoring systems 

Re-pipe and upgrading

Tank monitoring system installations

Repairs to existing fuel systemsUDC and tank sump repairs and testing 

Certified precision tank and line testing 

Cathodic protection system testing and installation


Site inspection and evaluation of utility locations prior to removal 

Notifications filed with OCC 

Removal and disposal of tank systems in a safe and correct manner 

Soil sampling and closure reports